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Installing pyinsim

pyinsim requires that you have Python 2.6 or better in order to run, so before you can use the library you must first of all make sure you have the correct version of the interpreter. You can download Python 2.6 (or ideally 2.7) from the official Python download page. Please note that pyinsim does not support Python 3.0 (yet)!

Once you have installed the Python interpreter, you are ready to install pyinsim itself. There are two versions of pyinsim available for download, a source distribution and a Windows installer. In general if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows (XP, Vista or 7) you can download the win32 executable version. To install on a different OS, or with different installation options (64 bit Windows etc..) you must use the source distribution.

Installing on Windows

From the downloads page download the file corresponding to the latest pyinsim version and unzip the archive on your hard disk. Once the file is unzipped, double-click on the executable file and follow the instructions. You will be asked to choose from some simple options, such as which Python installation to use, but if in doubt just choose the default. You will find an option to remove pyinsim in Add/Remove Programs.

Installing from source

To install from the source distribution, download the package named for the latest version of pyinsim. Unzip the archive on your computer and locate the folder contents using your computers command line tool. To install the library run the command python install. You will find the installation of pyinsim in your X:\Path\To\Python\Lib\site-packages directory. To remove pyinsim, simply delete the pyinsim folder from this directory.

Confirming the installation

To make sure that pyinsim has been correctly installed, start the Python interpreter (type python at the command line) and enter the following code:

import pyinsim
This will import the library and output a full list of its contents. If an error occurs, make sure you have followed these instructions carefully. If you are still having problems create a new issue in the issue tracker or make a post in the LFS forum.

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